Sunday, May 1, 2011

Unplanned Cold Days

Last week I was determined to have 12 hot days in a row. I was hoping to hit my "ideal weight" (160lbs) by Mother's Day. I started at 169 (I had gained a couple pounds over the Easter weekend) so I knew it would be a stretch. The first two days started off great and I went down to 167 lbs and was on a roll, but then the storms hit. The worst tornados in Alabama in decades.

Fortunately, there was no loss of life in our county, but many people suffered property damage and there were a few injuries. Being a pastor, my life suddenly changed as I spent many hours on the phone working with various groups and church members trying to do what we could to help. Also, my family was faced with the aftermath of the storm: no electricity for days.

Although I could have kept having hot days, I ended up have cold days instead. Part of the reason was we started living out of our freezer. First on the menu was ham (too fatty). I ate the ham along with potatoes and brocolli we cooked on the grill. In addition we "saved" some pies from our church's freezer. We shared those with individuals who were helping in the efforts to get people temporary power. I gave in and ate the pies with them!

Today, after three cold days, I amazing weighed in at 166.4 lbs-my lowest to date!! Why and how I don't know, but I checked my weight three times and it was the same. One possible explanation was that I tried not to go overboard, and I had a few healthy meals in between the other meals. However, today was a cold day too and I am sure the weight will be higher tomorrow.

What should I do?

I think the only way to combat unplanned cold days is to determine to start another string of bad days. So, tommorrow is the beginning of another set of bad days. I am planning to have 6 hot days which will take me to Mother's Day (a planned cold day).

Will I make my goal weight by Mother's Day? Probably not. But I will be at the lightest so far. After Mother's Day is over, I plan to have another string of hot days. My new goal is to be at my ideal weight by my anniversary, which is 4 days later. We will see if I make it.

My point: Plan your hot days as well as your cold days. If you have unplanned cold days, don't give up. Set a date and start back. If you don't; you won't.

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