Monday, May 23, 2011

This Week's Poll Results

In this week's poll, I listed four combinations and asked which was the legal one. The first option was: Chicken, Baked Potato and Corn. This was a bad combination because it is a combination of a Lean Protein (Chicken) with two Natural Carbohydrates (Baked Potato and Corn).

The second option received the most votes, but it also was wrong. The second combination is the same as the first: Lean Protein (Chicken) with two Natural Carbohydrates (Sweet Potato and Peas). Note: if it were Snap Peas it would have worked. 

The third option was the correct combination. In this combination you have a Lean Protein (Chicken) with a Natural Carbohydrate (Baked Potato) and a fibrous Carbohydrate (squash). A natural carbohydrate must be combined with a fibrous protein and a lean protein. 

Thank you for participating in the poll. Stay tuned for the next poll. 


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  1. Where can I get a copy of your cookbook? I looked on LuLu and they do not have it? Is it listed another way?