Sunday, May 29, 2011

Tracking the HOT Days

In a previous blog, I stated that I was making a run towards my goal weight of 160lbs. I started my run on Monday, May 16th and the finish line was Sunday, May 29th (Memorial Day Weekend). I think it makes it easier if you have a stop date out there and a special day like Memorial Day, Father's Day, July 4th etc. are good days to aim for.

In this article, I am giving you a snapshot of my weight loss during that time.

Monday, May 16th: 164.8
Tuesday, May 17th: 164.4

Wednesday, May 18th: 163.2
Thursday, May 19th: 163.2
Friday, May 20th: 163.4
Saturday, May 21:162.6
Sunday, May 22: 161.8
Monday, May 23: 161.4
Tuesday, May 24: 162.0
Wednesday, May 25: 162.4
Thursday, May 26: 161.4
Friday, May 27: 160.0 (GOAL WEIGHT!!!)
Saturday, May 28: 160.0 (Maintaining Goal Weight!)

As always there were obstacles along the way. For example, on Friday, May 20th we went to a movie at the drive-in. My wife bought a sack of hamburgers. I was going to put one on my double fibrous bread (FP/FC), but I forgot the bread! So, I improvised. I ate the meat off a hamburger and purchased 2 dill pickles! I was rewarded by a weight drop the next day!

On Sat. May 21 I traveled out of town so I ate a meal bar on the road. After the meeting, they served lunch which consisted of cokes, chips and subs on white bread!!! I excused myself from the lunch, looked up a local GNC and bought an Oh Yeah! meal bar and ate it. That night, there was a big "pig pull" dinner at the church. By the title, I knew that I needed a fibrous carb to accompany me if I was going to participate in the pig-pull! So I attended the dinner armed with double fiber bread.

There were some frustrations days in here too. If you notice I gained back a pound over two days; losing the ground I had gained. Why? On one day, I ate in uncharted territory: a Japanese restaurant. Although I tried to eat correctly (no rice)  I think the sauce got me. That evening I ate at a Mexican restaurant and I simply ate too much (Plus I had guacamole which contains avocados which is a "no no"). I paid for it by a little weight gain. I wanted to quit, but I buckled down and the weight came off.

As you can see, the weight came off quickly. In two days I dropped 2.4lbs! In addition, I stayed at my goal weight the next day.

There are a few observations I want to make:
1. Weight loss is not linear. It will not happen in a specific amount every day. Sometimes, it is irrational. You may have a "hot" day and gain a little weight! On the other hand, a slow loss may suddenly drop into a big loss. Even though it is uneven and sometimes defies explanation, at the end of the time frame the question is: did I lose weight? You may have not lost a lot, but if you lost weight-you lost weight!

2. Weight loss takes commitment. You will not lose weight from wishful thinking. You will not lose weight by reading books or going to classes. You will not lose weight by being "on diet" one day and "off diet" the next. You lose weight by making a commitment to eat healthy over a period of several days.

3. Weight loss takes time. You have to look at the big picture. Don't go day-to-day, but instead go from milepost to milepost. Set yourself a time frame of 1-2 weeks and stick to it. Don't quit even if your weight does something irrational like go up even when you have been eating correctly.

4. Set reasonable goals. My goal was to loss four pounds in two weeks. Over the last three months I have averaged 9-10 pounds of weight loss a month; therefore, a four pound loss over two weeks was reasonable. The reality is that you don't want to loss too much too fast.

 Now that I have hit my goal what is next? My next step is to lose five more pounds to give my self some "wiggle" room. My current plan is to make 160lb my ceiling weight. I want to go down to 155lb and have a 5lb room to fluctuate. How am I going to get to the last five pounds? You guessed it, another milestone. I am going to enjoy eating whatever I want (within reason) on Sunday and Memorial Day. Then I am going to go for another streak of hot days from May 31st until my wife's birthday on June 11th. That should get me close to the 155 mark. If I don't make it I'll make a run for it after her birthday to Father's Day. I'll keep you posted.

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