Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Skinny Jim's Menu Guide and Cookbook is here!

After several months, long nights, many dishes and learning how to publish, Skinny Jim's Menus and Cookbook is a reality! I ordered 120 hard copies today. The book is also available as a download and as an eBook.

The book contains nine weeks of menus and over 120 recipes. Click the link to order your copy today!!


  1. I tried to get your book thru Lulu but they do not have it available or at least that is what I got when I did a search. I tried to get thru Amazon but could not find it. I would really like to have the book. I started B4B today and our pastor says you have great recipes.

  2. Hi Dama,

    I sent you an email about how to get the book. We have started a company called "Achieve Weight Loss." The book has been re-branded as part of our product lineup.